In the Boots of St. Nick

By Honest Pint Theatre Company (other events)

Sunday, December 1 2019 5:00 PM 8:00 PM

In the vast library of Christmas stories, one key character has never gotten the spotlight. It’s the regular guy who puts on the hat, fur-trimmed suit, dons the big, white, itchy beard and goes out to do the up-close grunt work that makes the season special for children. By necessity, these people must remain hidden as much as possible because their very existence reveals the big secret of Santa. IN THE BOOTS OF ST. NICK hopes to fill that void and give you a warm, funny glimpse of what Christmas looks like from behind the beard. This show is dedicated to the thousands of kind-hearted men and women who gladly put themselves into the background to pass along, as best they can, the spirit of warmth, happiness, and unqualified love as personified by Santa Claus. As the credo goes, “Do whatever you gotta do to keep ‘em believing!”

Honest Pint Theatre Company